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Do you have an affectionate house cat or an adventurous free-roaming cat? In our assortment you will find everything a cat wants from cuddly cat caves and orthopaedic beds to exciting cat toys such as our Spooky Toons, cat rods and much, much more. You will definitely find something for your cat, too


Popular Products

Discover the most popular products for cats as well as novelties in our range.

Cat Beds

Experience high-quality cuddle beds, cat caves & windowsill cushions for more comfort.

Spooky Toons, PiRatten and more

Spooky Toons are cute little monsters, robust to play with and filled with 100% Spooky catnip.
Your cats will love it. Various cat toys, simulates the play instinct, filled with catnip.

Cat Toys

Cat toys with or without catnip, balls & cat rods keep your cat fit and sharpens the senses. And none of you will get bored.

Leashes and Accessories

Let's go outside. With leashes, harnesses and collars in many great colours and our practical transport baskets you can get going.

Veterinary Supplies

Everything your cat needs for a quick recovery: well thought-out surgical aftercare products and orthopaedic articles from Vetlando.

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