Our Veterinary Medical Products

When your pet is not doing so well

We sell our veterinary products under the Vetlando brand. They are subject to particularly strict quality criteria and are developed in cooperation with veterinary doctors.


We offer a wide range of surgical aftercare products for dogs and cats, incontinence products and walking aids, leak protection collars, dressing materials, ointments and sprays. It's best to consult your vet or specialist dealer.


Our range of products will be expanded step by step. It is made available through veterinarians and partly through specialist pet dealers.

On our website you will only find products that are available from specialist retailers.

Vetlando Products for Dogs & Cats

  • Lick protection collars in five sizes (XS to XL)
  • Wound compresses and pet plasters
  • Anti-leak bandage in two sizes (S and M)
  • Pill-crusher and pill-gun
  • Foreleg support bandage
  • Ointment spray zinc oxide
  • Incontinence diapers and pads